We at BDS understand the reality that EVERYTHING is Political

Political change happens from time to time. Republicans took back the House in ‘10, Senate in ‘14 and Presidency in ‘16. But nothing like 2016 has ever happened to Washington DC. Two years later, people still don’t understand how to navigate the breathless coverage of the President and his twitter feed. Your issue, your coalition, your project, your idea, are all likely to be overshadowed by the tweet of the hour/day. Clients issues get lost and they lose.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s why Black Diamond is different from all the other firms who have sat in the chairs we are sitting in. Everything is political. Tip O’Neill used to say all politics is local, but to this administration, all politics is personal. The President has a wide eye when it comes to issues and a really sharp focus on how issues impact his voters.

How does that impact you? In today’s era of “constant news”, the press doesn’t care about anything if it doesn’t involve President Trump. How do you break through? That’s where we come in. We’ve developed several campaigns that seemingly have nothing to do with the federal government, and we made them about the President and his voters. And it works.

You think your issue, your coalition, your project, your idea doesn’t have a Presidential hook? Hire us and we’ll find it. And we’ll craft a strategy around it that inserts your issue, your coalition, your project, your idea into the media and get it noticed.

Everything is political, never forget that. Politics touches every aspect of everything, but it takes a seasoned team that is used to looking at things through a political lens. And I guarantee you aren’t looking at them through the political Trump administration lens.

We can change that. We can help you win.