Our Story

The partners of Black Diamond Strategies have over eighty years collectively navigating the complex public affairs and political landscape both nationally and internationally.
We are proud to include in our ranks former members of Congress, senior presidential campaign advisors, and senior capitol hill staffers. Black Diamond Strategies' reach into and institutional knowledge about the fast-paced world of politics and public affairs is unsurpassed.

What happens when you put four guys, who share similar backgrounds, but very dissimilar career paths together in a room? A firm unlike most you will ever work with.

They always say public affairs firms are all the second phase of political operatives’ lives, members of Congress, Chiefs of Staff, etc…and this is true to an extent. But when you have partners who view the world through a different lens, it benefits your cause.

The idea was born out of the Trump Victory in 2016 but had been in the works for many years. The genesis for forming our firm occurred at a live music festival in Austin, Texas in 2014. The partners got to talking during the festival about our shared goal of starting a new venture. So BDS has roots in its love for both politics and live music. We even named the firm after one our favorite bands’, KISS, first songs. This meeting set in motion what has now become one of the most unique partnerships in DC.

Our combined experience, each spanning over 20 years, is one that is battle tested, both inside the Beltway and in all 50 states. Unlike so many firms in our space, we have a network across the country unrivaled by other firms. We do not need separate grassroots or subcontractor business partnerships for successful advocacy. In short, if you need a project completed in any state in the country, we know who and what moves the needle in Members’ districts at home for success here in Washington and have the team to get it done.

We’ve seen all the battles and we approach them from an aggressive standpoint because those who are timid are those who lose.